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To see the illusion, you need to stare intently at the black dot in the centre of the image and move your head toward then away from the screen

Here's and easy little test for you. Just count how many black dots you can see

Look at this image and decide if you think the grey lines are straight or not?

Stare at this image long enough and you'll start to see it move before your very eyes.

Read out loud the following list of colors, remembering to read the text only. The reason you might be struggling with this relatively simple task is that one side of your brain is telling you the word while the other side is showing you the color.

See this image appear to shimmer as you look at it? If that's not enough follow the ridge around the circle and watch it change into a groove.

 Cover your right eye and stare at the black circle. The move closer to the screen and see the cross disappear. Move back again and the cross will reappear Now imagine the cross is a motorbike and think about them next time you go out line the car!

Look at this picture and what do you see, a woman looking to the left or an Eskimo looking out into the night

Just in case you aren't feeling ill enough already, check this one out. To enhance the effect scroll up and down

Is square B the same shade of gray as A? Believe it or not ,yes they are both the same shade of gray

This is an "Eye Examination Chart". Increase the distance from the chart until it is readable

Which colors look brighter, more vibrant? If you said the one on the right , you're right. Why? The boarders.

Stare at the black dot for 30 seconds and the scroll down to the second picture. It looks normal or does it?

Former President Clinton and Vice President Gore? Look again.

Do you see a white triangle?

Is it a young girl or and old women?

What a man sees before and after six beers


Is it a picture of the devil or six women?



This one will make you dizzy. Try focusing on just the center circle while moving your head.



Stare at the black spot in the center of the four colored squares for about 30 seconds. Then scroll down and move your gaze to the black spot in the uniform white area. Note the colors of the afterimages relative to the colors of the original stimuli. Did they appear different?


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